Thanksgiving came and went and I can actually say that I came out on top this year. Starting with the 90 minute bootcamp event at my gym, followed by a healthy paleo meal with friends (us transplants out here have to stick together). First, let me tell you about this workout- 3 different class formats rolled into one: metabolic conditioning, ladder training/intervals and plyometrics. Being a runner and having a new interest in cycling (I can’t call myself a cyclist yet), lateral movements just don’t happen for me. Yes, I take yoga classes to help strengthen and stretch, but most of my movement is done on a single plane. It’s important to remember to cross train and move your body along different planes in order to access other muscle groups, to help strength train and to avoid injuries. Now back to the food…..Everyone talks about their favorite dish for thanksgiving and most people would say that the stuffing is the best, but I must tell you that the stuffing recipe I found from PaleoOMG is TO DIE FOR! Not only is it breadless, filling and delicious, but it also makes for a great hash for breakfast the next morning! Dessert too was pretty good, tried a new recipe for chocolate mousse and pumpkin pie pudding using coconut cream, which was also a hit with the guests. It felt great to wake up the next morning, ready to tackle the day and not feeling guilty about indulging too much. After my breakfast hash and eggs, I decided to opt outside as per REI’s petition and the beautiful weather that awaited me. I still have to pinch myself some days when I realize that it’s the end of November and I live in a place where it is so beautiful and nature is breathtaking. I opted to go on a hike along the Southern California coast- talk about a view. I recommend that if you have the opportunity to change your routine and do an outdoor activity, take advantage of it. It not only was a good workout, but was serene. When you’re able to be one with nature, breathe in the fresh air, tune in to your own body and thoughts it helps you become more intune with yourself. Listening to the waves crash along the coast and the sounds of the enviroment were calming and meditative. For someone that LOVES listening to music especially during workouts, it’s important to just shut it off and apprecaite what’s around you. Take each day as it comes and try to make the most of every moment. #howharditri

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