Tri It Out- Elliptifit

Recently, if you’ve been following my journey on Instagram, I’ve been going to a lot of different studios and trying different workouts. Friends have been asking what workouts I’ve been up to, Instagram followers have been commenting on them so I’ve been sweating and shaking my way through Los Angeles to discover some studios and workouts to bring to you (just in time for the new year).  I’m calling this series Tri It Out. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing (or reintroducing) you to some studios around LA. #willtravelforworkouts

So with out further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Elliptifit.

Elliptifit has two locations in Los Angeles, West LA and Marina Del Rey. I recently visited the West LA location, which you will find tucked away in a strip mall/shopping center (on the second floor) off of Santa Monica Blvd.

{I have to let you know that I did not know what to expect and was a little skeptical. I’ve done the elliptical many many many times. Those days when I was too tired to run or cycle I said to myself, “ self, let’s go easy today- elliptical day”.  So I was thinking that this class was going to be boring and easy.  Now, while it’s not high intensity like I am use to, I still got super sweaty and had a good cardio workout (the music selection didn’t hurt). }

I walked up the stairs and into the studio where the woman working the front desk, Charlie, greeted me. She was friendly and provided me with a waiver to fill out. She gave me a quick tour of the studio (it’s small) and I waited for the instructor to arrive (as I was early- I had to factor in travel time- read: LA traffic).  I introduced myself to the instructor, Christina Stevens, and she gave me the run down of the equipment and told me to wave her down if I had any problems or needed modifications. I grabbed an elliptical as the class started to fill up. I have to tell you that I was actually a little shocked watching the clientele arrive through the door- MEN, yes men, about 6 of them which I think is a high number for a class of 17 (3 of the ellipticals were out of order). I was shocked in a good way though – it’s nice to see that a variety of clientele enjoys coming to this studio.

The Studio:
It’s divided into two sections. The entrance/lobby area consists of the front desk, two changing rooms and small area with elliptifit retail. Once you walk through the glass door into the fitness room, you’ll find a small studio in which 2 of the 4 walls are lined with mirrors. The back wall has cubbies for students to place their belongings and a large restroom. 3 rows (divided by a pathway) of Ellipticals fill the room- the first two rows consisting of 3 ellipticals, the last row having 4. There are fun lights outlining the ceiling, which at times made the studio feel club like. In the center of the ceiling is a large industrial fan (much appreciated as I started to sweat).

The Workout:
This 45-minute low impact cardio class will definitely get you sweaty.  Christina, the instructor, set our workout to her playlist.  Traveling back in time to the 90s ( I love a good 90s song) mixed with current music, we used the elliptical to isolate and work certain muscle groups, sprint and interval train as well as climb hills. We “played” around with the incline and the speed as instructed by Christina to achieve power and increase our heart rate during the workout.  During some songs we isolated our arms by pushing and pulling, others were focused on our legs. We changed directions and even our footing to work our inner thighs. I don’t think any muscle group was left untargeted.  The workout is synchronized to the music as well as the lights that help keep you motivated throughout. Christina walked up and down the center aisle and cheered everyone on as they worked their way through class. After the set was over, we finished with a cool down and a stretch.

Elliptifit offers monthly and class packages as well as single classes. They also participate in classpass.

My thoughts:
This studio/workout is great for anyone just getting into fitness, coming back from an injury or wanting to try some low impact cardio. The class allows for all fitness levels to participate and caters to individual’s needs by having the students manually adjust their speed/power.  You most definitely WILL sweat so bring a towel and water.

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