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I took a trip to Chicago in the name of Vital Proteins and left with so much more……


At the end of September,  Vital Proteins sent all of their ambassadors to Chicago for a fitness summit, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. But first, let me give you a little backstory about how I got involved with Vital Proteins. It started about a year and a half ago, I was attending BlogFest for the first time in Los Angeles and Vital Proteins was one of the weekends’ sponsors. All BlogFest attendees received a sample of the unflavored collagen peptide product. At the time, I didn’t know much about collagen peptides but figured I’d give this product a shot. After using it consistently for a week, putting a scoop in my coffee each morning, I noticed my brittle nails getting stronger and growing faster. I noticed my hair was shinier and appeared healthier, my skin looked great and my digestion issues were decreasing.

vital proteins in my coffee

I purchased more and started implementing it into my daily routine. I received compliments from friends/family about my hair and how good my skin looked. I thought to myself, I have to introduce some of my friends to this product. Now using it for over a year, and trying a variety of products, I’ve noticed my recovery time from workouts decreasing and my performance increasing. I am able to get more protein in my daily intake and overall genuinely enjoy most of the products I’ve tried. (right now I’m totally digging the Dark Chocolate Blackberry with the Vanilla Coconut Water Collagen Peptides and some of the Beauty Water flavors being runner ups).

smoothie bowl

When they contacted me as they were creating their first ambassador program to see if I would be on board, my answer was an immediate YES! I am someone who likes to stay true to who they are. Authenticity and honesty can get lost in the digital world with paid postings and people trying to be instafamous (but, you do you) so I only like to support and get behind products and companies that I truly believe in. I have been able to sample products that I may have not otherwise been able to. Figuring out which products are my faves, as mentioned above, and creating/developing recipes to incorporate the collagen peptides into my daily routines- overnight oats, popsicles, energy bites, banana bread and smoothies are my go-to’s.

energy bites

OK, back to the weekend…….The wonderful employees were working hard to create an amazing experience, one that I will remember and cherish for years to come, for all the ambassadors which they titled the VPFitSummit in Chicago. I was lucky enough to be chosen to tell my collagen story. I spent a day with the most amazing team exploring Chicago, taking video shots and doing a testimonial (which was surprisingly easy when it’s something you love and have a comforting/supporting team walking you though it). You’ll have to stay tuned to see how the clip comes out and I’ll make sure to update/revise this post with a link to it once it does, but let’s just say- EPIC.

waterfront chicago
testimonialwillis tower



Once all the other ambassadors arrived we had a mixer where we were able to mingle and meet the other ambassadors as well as the employees who work so hard to help create an amazing company/family. This was one of my favorite moments of the weekend, actually any moment where we were able to mingle and interact were among my favorite. Talking to, being inspired by and hearing others stories is what I enjoy most. I love forming and creating community as everyone needs a good support system- I learned this from moving across the country, not knowing anyone. After waking up early the next morning  to get our sunrise workouts (2- yoga and hiit) in, we listened to the CEO and VPs of marketing speak about the company, new products in the works (hello collagen creamer and matcha!), and where the company is headed in the future.

morning workout

This was followed by one of the most inspiring keynote speeches I’ve ever heard from George, the Civilized Caveman. The morning/afternoon was one full of knowledge and inspiration (and food). With full stomachs and hearts we headed to the Chicago Cubs game. This is an experience all in itself from the historic Wrigley field to the ambience of Chi-town and all the fans. vital proteins cubs game
A NY Yankee fan for life, but I have respect for the field and the fans of Chicago.

cubs game

I ended the evening with a few of my new friends at a rooftop bar overseeing the city lights on Chicago and then chatting all things life with them in the hotel lobby.

chicago skyline nightview

Our last day/morning was another early one. We laced up our new Nike metcons (thanks VP) and took it to the streets to the Nike store/training center. Betina lead an awesome circuit and being surrounded by so many fitness professionals was invigorating. When I felt like giving up, I felt supported and motivated by my new fit friends (thanks Sarah!).

Vital Proteins fitness summit group shot                   Betina nike workout

After our workout, we were treated to “chicken N waffles” from Kitchfix, which is a paleo company. Let’s just say I could’ve bathed in this dish! So so good. You can find their granola in Whole Foods nation wide and their waffles in some local Whole Foods.

Kitchfix chikn n waffles

We headed back to the hotel to pack up and get ready to depart back to our respective home towns, but not before making sure I grabbed some Chicago style pizza and popcorn.



An amazing weekend that has left me on a high ever since and with new connections and sense of community. Vital Proteins (and Chicago, in the fall)- I love you!

chicago bean                     chicago river

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