SOULful weekend

This past weekend I participated in the SoulcycleXTarget pop up event in downtown Los Angeles. From the initial entry to the building until the sweaty selfie taken at the end of the class, it was an inspiring experience. I was lucky enough to get into 2 classes this past weekend at this free event. After expereincing what most people do on the daily (the hour drive in rush hour traffic), I arrived at the ATT&T building in downtown LA. Upon entering the building I was happily greeted by a Soul-Cycle employee in an adorable zip-up hoodie (now available at Target). She greeted myself and another rider (who became my best friend for the next 90 minutes) and put us in the elevator and on our way up 33 flights to the penthouse of the building. My new bestie and I exited the eleavator and walked into an amazing open space with a gorgeous view of ALL of Los Angeles. This breathtaking view included the Hollywood sign in the mountains all the way to the beach. I checked in, was assigned my bike and waited anxiously to take an amazing class.

While waiting, if you weren’t just distracted by the views, they had a photo booth which was soo much fun (check out my instagram feed to see more photos). We were ushered in to the next room once the bikes were set up with complimentary smart water where new and veteran riders alike got acclimated with their surroundings and adjusted their bikes to their liking. In walked Gina, the instructor of the class, with her petite stature but larger than life personality. Her music, choreography and motivation throughout the ride was inspiring. After an hour long sweat session which includes some weights (yes, weights on a bike!), I felt refreshed, renewed and sweaty. Leaving the studio set up, we were given a cute metallic SoulCycle tote bag with a Suja drink and a Kind bar along with a coupon for Target (awesome!).

Returning 33 floors down to the ground level, I said goodbye to my new friend and headed back home thinking….YES, I get to do this again tomorrow! The next days experience was quite similar. This time I went with a friend so it was fun to watch her experience it for the first time as I did the day before. The instructor for our SOULinspriring class was Laura Crago. I have taken one of her classes before and this woman ROCKS! Again, after an hour of spinning, I left renewed, refershed, sweaty and wanting more Soul in my life. All in all, the drive to this event was totally worth it- how can you be dissapointed by SoulCycle and/or Target? You CAN’T! Until the next ride…..

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